As promised, PreSale begins today for 50 Days to Flying Fingers! Just in case you are new to iMusicAcademy, let me tell you what you can expect to get from this course.
(So who is Mr. DeVan?)
William DeVan is a Steinway artist and concert pianist. He is truly one of the most gifted pianists you will ever hear. Blessed with an incredible ear, memory, and facility, Mr DeVan can play almost anything in the classical genre. He plays all of the Chopin etudes, preludes, Beethoven Sonatas, Bach Preludes and Fugues, etc… The list goes on and on.  He once played a concert on the 50 most difficult works for piano where he let the audience decide what he would play.. How about that? 🙂
Mr Devan is a Julliard graduate who has studied with the best instructors in the world. Over the years he has given back by teaching in New York and other parts of the world. I am so thankful to be able to team up with him on this project.

What you expect from this course….

Over 20 examples of piano exercises carefully selected by Mr. DeVan and I to “Radically” change your technique forever.
Half of the exercises are from Mr. DeVan (from the Classical side)
and the other Half are from me (from Jazz Side)

The exercises range from Beginner to Advanced but each one has a specific goal in mind to work a particular muscle in the hand. Just take my example from yesterday that I put up on youtube.
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Already on this one example, there has been tremendous feedback. Try it out! and download the chart if you didn’t get it yesterday. You will notice the workout you get from just this one example. 50 Days ex 1 

Also, with the course you get realtime practice sessions. That means we are motivating you along the way and will help keep you focused and consistent with your practice time.
Right Now the Pre-order is on sale for $79 but for my email subscribers, you can take 25% percent off anything in the store throughout the weekend in honor of Memorial Day weekend!

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Also, if you Pre-order the course this weekend, you get the jazz volume 1 as a free gift sent to your inbox!

So what are you waiting for… Let’s do this!

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