A year and a half ago I was watching a video of a famous entrepreneur who was learning how to play the piano. I had learned so much from this guy that I wanted to help him out. I decided to make this video for him to help speed up his progress. He sent me a nice email thanking me for the video and then I decided to put his advice and my love for teaching to work. Thats when I created the blues piano series for iMusicAcademy. This one video is the most talked about, and most shared on my channel. Also, I have received lots of emails and videos of how this has helped you. So Thank You! This video is going up by 1000 views a day and it is helping me continue to expand iMusicAcademy. I hope you enjoy learning this, and please email me if you have any questions or just want to say Hey!  To Purchase volume 1. Click Here

Bob Taylor   email:  Bob@iMusicAcademy.com