Blues Piano Vol. 2 from iMusicAcademy


1hours of video hosted on Vimeo with detailed instruction on 10 blues licks in the key of C. Video and Sheet music included. Beginner to Advanced.

Blues Piano vol 2 exercise 2 - Piano

Blues Piano vol 2 exercise 2 – Piano


Blues Piano Vol. 2 is a continuation the series with 10 more licks played over a repeated bass pattern in the key of C. All 10 licks are transcribed in detail with fingerings for every note. Chart are delivered via a download link from dropbox. Plus 1 hour video explaining each lick in detail with practice suggestions. This video is for beginners to advanced. Once you learn the left hand pattern, you will begin building a blues vocabulary for soloing in the right hand. Each example is unique and will get you sounding like a pro… Fast!!!!!!   Since August of 2016 over 75 students of iMusicAcademy have taken this course. We also have a blues piano vol. 2 out. If you want to learn blues piano, this is the course for you!


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